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What should you check when buying a used appliance?

Buying second-hand appliances helps reduce overconsumption and can save you money. Nevertheless, you should not buy just anything and anyhow. In order to help you get the right deal, here are some important points to consider.

Always do a price comparison

A used appliance is supposed to save you money. If its price is still too close to that of a new device of the same brand, nothing forces you to buy it.

So, if you are seduced by a particular model, look for the price of a new one in the store, then compare it to the used one. Then judge the difference based on the condition and number of years the device has been in operation, as well as its level of reconditioning.

Check device status

When buying a used device, you should pay particular attention to its condition. Beyond its external appearance, make sure that the parts that make it up are functional and of good quality.

Some devices have been reconditioned due to wear or failure. In this case, the spare parts used must be reliable. Precisely, at Electrolibre, our refurbished products come with a 12-month warranty, compared to only 3 for most competitors.

Avoid devices that are too old

Unless you are passionate about antiques and collectibles, it is best to avoid too old appliances. Indeed, too many years of operation can weigh on their backs. It is very likely that the device is nearing the end of its life and after a few months of use, the problems could begin to accumulate.

For example, a refrigerator that is too old may have faults in the cold circuit or in the seals.

Carry out a satisfactory test of the device

When you have set your sights on a model, do not hesitate to carry out a complete test of all the functions of the device. Test each button, each option in order to detect the slightest problem.

If the seller or the individual is in too much of a hurry, be careful  : he maybe hiding some problems. Therefore, take your time and scrutinize the device with a magnifying glass.

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Buy in autumn

Autumn is a good time to buy second-hand appliances, especially for individuals. Indeed, many households proceed to the renewal of their appliances before the end of the year party and the Christmas discounts.

Thus, the months of October and November are one of the best times to do good business and buy at the best price.

Buy from a trusted store

Last but not least, buy used home appliances only from trusted sellers. At Electrolibre, we offer quality second-hand devices . Make the purchase of your major household appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and used washing machines with complete peace of mind.

In order to guarantee the sale of quality second-hand household appliances, we first carry out a rigorous selection of the appliances. Then, our technical team examines them thoroughly and carries out a reconditioning, if necessary. The spare parts are top quality. Then, we clean each device down to the smallest cm² to make it shine like new. Only then do we offer them for sale.

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