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What type of appliance are you looking for?

Looking for the best appliance prices in Montreal? Practical, useful advice without lip service? Do you care about the ecological footprint of your purchases? ELECTROLIBRE can support you through the process of buying new or used appliances for your kitchen or laundry room.

New appliances

In addition to free shipping on orders of $349 and over and a three-year warranty on all appliances over $1,000, ELECTROLIBRE offers you a thirty-day window for returns. FREE to simplify your life . . .

For the kitchen

Check out our refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, cooktops, ovens, hoods and microwaves.

For the laundry

Need a washer, dryer or both? View our washer and dryer sets and appliances sold separately.

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Used Appliances

Limited budget? Want to help curb overconsumption? ELECTROLIBRE offers reconditioned used appliances and is committed to reusing, recycling and recovery, and reducing waste at the source. View our online selection or visit the store.

What are the steps involved in giving a used appliance a second life?

We carefully select the appliances we refurbish to breathe life into them.

Our refurbished appliances are waiting for you to give them a second life!

Spare parts

Contact the team before getting rid of a broken appliance and spending money on a new one. We will either repair your unit or provide you with the parts needed to do so.

Can’t find a part?

Tell us the appliance brand, model and serial number, and we’ll try to source the part you need.

Household products

To keep your home chemical-free, choose biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic products for laundry, dishes and cleaning.

Bionature and Excelsior HE : a local eco-friendly solution

Electrolibre is proud to distribute Bionature and Excelsior eco-friendly products that are made in Canada. They are phosphate-free and safe for the environment.

Instore bulk station: a reflex to take

We also allow you to reduce the amount of waste you produce by providing a refilling station in our store, on Laurier Street.


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how to choose, maintain and repair appliances, and much more to come…

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Formerly called RV Dupuis, ELECTROLIBRE is a Montreal appliance store that stands out from the competition thanks to its attentive, dedicated and honest staff. To meet all our customers’ needs, we offer new and used appliances, spare parts and eco-friendly cleaning products. We care about the environment and recommend recovering appliances, which we then refurbish and give a second life.