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A specialized, family-owned
and committed company

FREE to make a difference…
ELECTROLIBRE’s mission is to do things better, one day
at a time, one appliance at a time.

A Montreal-based family business

Appareils RV Dupuis since 1976

This is the story of a family with vision…

In 1976, three brothers (René, Hervé and André) decided to get out of the daily grind, combine their talents and start a company. Their goal: to do things differently and offer an honest alternative in the world of used appliances. Their reputation quickly grew. At Dupuis, the customer is important, the employees are part of the family and the environment is important to us.

 In 1990, new appliances are part of the service offer and it is also possible to open a corporate account.

 Year 2000: A new generation of Dupuis (Alexandre, Guillaume and Mathieu) comes to enlarge the family, ensuring the continuity of the company.

 In 2005, we innovated by introducing a bulk product refilling service and the sale of ecological cleaning products. Pioneers well before the current ecological awareness, we break the rules by offering guarantees unequalled in the industry.

 And now… The desire to innovate, part of the family DNA, leads Alex, in turn, to challenge the daily routine by offering an alternative to the traditional purchase of household appliances and related products.

 Guided by the patrimonial history they inherited, our managers, alert and devoted entrepreneurs, want to go even further…

Our Company
Our Company

Becomes ELECTROLIBRE in 2021

With our new identity, we sign with you our commitment to offer you different choices in our field of activity. We will use our energy to gravitate away from the conventions of the industry into a more human and eco-responsible orbit.

Free to choose…

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Why Electrolibre ? (only in french)

Our Company

Specialized in appliances and household products

ELECTROLIBRE specializes in appliances and only appliances… No mattresses, no BBQs, but reliable and affordable kitchen and laundry appliances, local and ecological household products and a wide range of spare parts of all brands. Our counselors and technicians are here to tell you the truth…

Committed and responsible

FREE to choose us…

For our VISION

We live in a global world in which everyone can claim to have a positive influence on the world.
Reinventing our ways of being and doing to free ourselves from the traditional patterns of an industry we believe to be outdated in order to grow in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner.


Doing things better, one day at a time, one appliance at a time, nothing more.
Maintaining a visionary spirit to offer an alternative to traditional purchasing while developing a lasting relationship with our customers, focused on personalized services that truly meet their needs, in complete transparency.

For our VALUES

Because we believe that…

  • Commitment, in taking bold stands, is essential to building a more responsible future for generations to come.
  • Boldness, born of curiosity, fosters creativity and experimentation to challenge tradition and the status quo.
  • Fun, a source of collaboration and sharing, leveraging the personal skills of all our partners.
  • Responsibility, which strives for a common goal, creates a sense of pride and accomplishment.



Our Company

Alexandre Dupuis

He is the team leader, the captain (sometimes even the “nanny”, as the case may be).Thanks to his leadership, the company has evolved a lot over time. He has been with the company for 19 years and took over the management team in 2010. Important challenges have been successfully overcome: introducing new products, developing new markets and implementing new technologies.

Hobbies: :Maybe he’s out in the powder snow with his snowboard, or cooking, or you’ll find him at the movies or on a trip.

His motto : “Anything’s possible if you dream, dare, work and never give up.” Xavier Dolan

Our Company

Guillaume Dupuis

This is the lieutenant and our “consulting technician”. He supports the technicians and brings his skills to find solutions to the most complex technical problems.

Hobbies: : If he’s not tinkering or playing hockey, don’t look for him in the city, he’s happy in the wilderness.

His Motto : «La seule chose qu’on est sûr de ne pas réussir est celle qu’on ne tente pas» Paul-Émile Victor

Our Company

Julien Guyot

Customer service is his domain. He welcomes our customers and offers them personalized support. If you’ve been in the store before, you’ve probably met him. Our “Frenchman” joined the team in 2013.

Hobbies : His talent for photography is remarkable. His hobbies also include travelling and manoeuvring his drone.

His motto : «You doing it»

Our Company

Mathieu Dupuis

Since 1997, he has seen all kinds of problems that cripple household appliances. He is our “Fridge Doctor”, our home repair specialist and our oldest (not in age but in years of experience).

Hobbies :Apart from the time spent with his small family, he meets up with friends, in the country or on a trip.

His motto : “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

Our Company

Pierre Aubry

The oldest of the team (in age but not in wisdom), he has been our expert in appliance finishing since 1999. The bins, shelves and all the accessories have no more secrets for him.

Hobbies : Walking, movies and (don’t tell anyone) gossip occupy his free time.

His motto : “The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; ” Plato

Our Company

Frederic Boudreault

Without a doubt the most versatile of the team; a quiet force, a reliable teammate and full of talent. When our windows dazzle you, it’s because of his artwork.

Hobbies: You’ll probably find him reading or acting, unless he’s off skiing or traveling.

His motto: “A positive person turns problems into challenges, never into obstacles.

Valentine Lagarde

A creer 

Nick / Erick ?

A creer 

Agathe Pillet

Here is “The Geek” of the team; the Internet is her playground. The web holds no secrets for Agathe and she makes our website shine. She takes care of all the details that will make your online experience a pleasant one.

Hobbies: Her free time is spent with her family and cooking is a passion for her because of her naturopathic training. She also enjoys traveling (not just the virtual ones…)

Her motto: “Act towards others as you would like them to act towards you.” Confucius”

Be part of the team

We are a small team looking for new talent.


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