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Close-up on our refrigerators: What, how, why?

Having become an essential accessory in a modern home, the refrigerator is both practical and decorative in our kitchens. Need a new design to spruce up your home? Discover our different new and used models that will surely suit your needs and your budget.

Classic two-door refrigerators

We have a wide range of refrigerators with two doors, one for the freezer compartment and the other for the refrigerator itself. We have several top and bottom freezer models available in a variety of colors, ranging from white to black to gray.

Whether you have a large kitchen or limited space for your refrigerator, our models are available in several sizes. As for brands, we offer models from the best brands on the market, including Haier, Moffat GE, LG or Whirlpool.

Multi-door refrigerators

Considered as French door models, refrigerators with multiple openings are distinguished by their imposing size and large capacity. We offer models with or without an ice cube dispenser, and available in different colors. You have the choice between white, gray and slate.

In our catalog we have models with 3 or 4 doors, which can cover all your needs, even for your professional uses. When it comes to our brands, GE, Moffat and Haier are our best brands currently available.

New or used refrigerator, which one to choose?

Generally, a salesperson will recommend a new refrigerator with 0 hours of use. However, we strongly advise you to take a look at our used models. Indeed, at Electrolibre, we ensure the condition and proper functioning of our appliances before putting them on sale.

Thus, you save yourself unpleasant surprises after a few months of use. Our devices are refurbished with quality parts and are always refurbished. You can be sure that our used refrigerators are fully functional and durable, without the slightest operational worry.

We also have new devices for the most demanding customers. Working with top brands, we provide you with high quality, defect-free “open box” refrigerators.

Why buy your next refrigerators from us?

At Electrolibre, we have chosen not to offer only new products, unlike most appliance stores. Indeed, we have opted for the sale of refurbished in addition to new in order to let customers choose freely according to their needs and budget.

Why not give household appliances a second life? We have expert technicians who refurbish all our used devices so that they benefit from optimal operation for many years.

We only choose premium brands in order to guarantee the quality of our products. The same applies to our spare parts. Do not hesitate to visit our store in Montreal or visit our official website to discover our different models of refrigerators.

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Close-up on our refrigerators: What, how, why?

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