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FREE to act differently...

ELECTROLIBRE wishes to reinvent its ways of being and doing in order to free itself from the traditional patterns of an industry that it believes to be outdated, in order to develop in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner.

The team aims to make positive contributions to the community as a neighbor, employer, retailer and business partner.

A commercial alternative to the major distributor

Through its expertise, ELECTROLIBRE wishes to develop with you a long-lasting, honest and benevolent customer relationship.

We aim to offer you a commercial offer that stands out and a warm and professional customer service. We give you all the keys to make your decisions serenely and will be at your side during your purchase and throughout the life of your appliances.

Take it easy. Keep your mind free…

Our Engagement
Our Engagement

A future without single-use plastic

The entire team is concerned with reducing and eliminating its negative impact on the environment. This effort naturally includes the provision of a filling station for ecological household products in the store. A 5% discount will be given to all customers who bring their own container. Let’s reduce waste at the source.

A drop-off point for some non-recycled waste in Quebec

Terracycle boxes are available for you to drop off the following waste for free:  

Our Engagement

Zero Waste Box™ for the KITCHEN

Allows you to recycle non-recyclable, non-organic waste generated in the kitchen. This includes plastic packaging, paper packaging, kitchen utensils, baby utensils, filters, cleaning supplies, coffee and tea accessories, party supplies and disposable dining room items and prescription drug packaging.

NOTE: Do not bring in household waste associated with other rooms in the house, hazardous waste, medical waste and liquid or dripping waste.

Zero Waste Box™ for OFFICE equipment.

Recycle any non-electronic item used in your office. This includes tape dispensers, desk organizers, card and document folders, binders, calendars, labels, staplers, hole punches, dividers, paper cutters, correction supplies, fasteners, paper clips, staples, paper clips, and sticker and label holders.

NOTE: Ink cartridges, printer drums and batteries ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Do not bring household waste associated with other parts of the house, hazardous waste, medical waste and liquid or dripping waste.


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