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5 Ideas For More Responsible Christmas Gifts.

5 ideas for more responsible Christmas gifts.

Enthroned by the dozen at the foot of the tree, wrapped in tangy paper and wrapped in ribbons, Christmas gifts are the cause of many headaches. After a mad rush to get them, we often exceeded the planned budget.

What if we did things differently? With the desire to counter overconsumption, here are 5 eco-responsible ideas for giving Christmas gifts while maintaining the joy of pleasing those you love.

1. Offer less but better.

Let’s be honest, we tend to think that one gift “isn’t enough”. But what are worth three gifts that will not make it through the year that is about to begin? What if we put the budget of the 3 on a single gift? Dwelling on its provenance, its materials and its durability should be our main concern when choosing a more eco-responsible gift.

2. Gifts that feel good.

Why not give gifts that are not material, even to children? Family outings, courses that support their interests, theater tickets, cinema tickets or even an exhibition.

What if you were the gift? You can offer your time for odd jobs, a special talent that may be useful, or an outing of the recipient’s choice.

3. Locally made gifts.

Rather than buying “Made in China”, prefer local trade or at least in your province.
In addition to supporting Quebec artisans, you will offer original and quality gifts. Even if you have to go from one store to another, you will still travel fewer kilometers than a toy made in China or a t-shirt made in Cambodia and delivered to Montreal by ship.

4. A different exchange.

Offer to people who participate in the exchange to try a greener version. We can therefore offer a gift that we made ourselves, a musical compilation, books or objects that we no longer need.
You can also offer an exchange of time or services depending on your talents…
Or a 100% Quebec exchange! The possibilities are endless, have fun.

5. Creative packaging.

To present your gifts, a multitude of creative and eco-responsible ideas exist:

  • Reuse old packaging or a recyclable brown paper bag on which you draw.
  • Transform a scarf, a plaid shirt, a tablecloth or a pillowcase into an original packaging.
  • Or practice the furoshiki* technique with your old fabrics.

There are still plenty of other ways to offer while being eco-responsible. At the end of your keyboard you will discover a host of creative ideas that will delight your loved ones.

As it is the intention that counts, have an intention for your planet too!

Happy Holidays !

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