WHIRLPOOL Everydrop™ Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter #5

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  • Replace filters 4396508 and 4396510

  • Compatible with certain Amana & Maytag brand refrigerators

  • Carbon block-style filter is NSF 42, NSF 53, and CSA certified

  • Triple filtration technology filters out 66 types of contaminants

Capacity de 908L

Get great tasting ice and water from your Maytag or Amana refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser with the EveryDrop water filter by Whirlpool Water. This carbon block filter has triple filtration technology that filters out 66 types of contaminants and reduces 23 other contaminants, including metals, pesticides, and industrial chemicals.

Replace every 6 months

Skill Level 1 : Beginner – Amateur  
Hand tools may be required. No disassembly is required.
Easy to install; no previous knowledge is required.

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