WASHER MAGIC Washer cleaner 354 ml

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  • Removes rust, lime and any accumulation causing odors


  • Can be used to clean the door seals and detergent drawer of your washer


  • Contains the equivalent of 2-3 treatments


Glisten® Washer Magic® is a powerful, safe and versatile washing machinecleaner and deodorizer that helps extend the life and enhance the performanceof your washer.

Glisten® Washer Magic® powerfully removes odor-causing residue andabrasive mineral buildup that reduces your washer’s cleaning effectiveness anddamages clothing.

Our multi-action liquid formula leaves no residuebehind and effectively cleans door seals and detergent drawers, as well ashidden and hard-to-clean areas.Washer Magiccontains no bleach or chemicals that can harm your washer or damage fabrics andis also Safer Choice certified by the EPA.

Pour a small amount on a clean cloth.

Wipe around the rubber door seal. Rinse with a damp cloth.

Then add 1/2 cup of the product in the detergent tank (front washer) or directly into the tub (top load washer).

Run the machine in the normal cycle by selecting the hot water option.Repeat as needed once a month.


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