GE Refrigerator Temperature Sensor (WR55X10025)

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The sensor temperature for refrigerator WR01F01730 is a GE OEM part

This thermistor has 18″ long leads

The sensor temperature refrigerator detects air temperature inside the refrigerator and sends information to the electronic control

Possible Repair Solution For :

  • frost buildup
  • fridge section is too warm
  • fridge section is too cold
  • freezer section is too warm
  • freezer section is too cold
  • freezer is not defrosting
  • fridge runs for too long


Skill Level 2 : Intermediate
Some basic tools may be required. Some disassembly is required.
General knowledge is helpful.

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Specifications of the product

The part WR01F01730 is compatible with the following brands :

  • GE (General Electric)
  • GE Profile
  • Moffat
  • Hotpoint
  • McClary
  • Kenmore


Replaces the following old part numbers :

  • 914093
  • AH304103
  • AH9863872
  • AP3185407
  • EA304103
  • EA9863872
  • EAP304103
  • EAP9863872
  • PS304103
  • PS9863872
  • WR50X10027
  • WR50X10034
  • WR50X10055
  • WR50X10067
  • WR55X10025
  • WR55X10026
  • WR55X10027
  • WR55X10028
  • WR55X10030
  • WR55X10087
  • WR55X10088
  • WR55X10089
  • WR55X10367
  • WR55X10380
  • WR55X10661
  • WR55X10711
  • WR55X10735
  • WR55X10736
  • WR55X10737
  • WR55X10937
  • WR55X10938
  • WR55X10939


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