BIONATURE Oxy Stain Remover 2kg

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Bionature Poudre Détachante Blanchissante Oxy 2kg  Bionature Poudre Détachante Blanchissante Oxy 2kg  Bionature Poudre Détachante Blanchissante Oxy 2kg  Bionature Poudre Détachante Blanchissante Oxy 2kg  Bionature Poudre Détachante Blanchissante Oxy 2kg

Icône laveuse HE et laveuse standard


This powerful stain remover deeply removes stubborn and greasy stains. It acts as a bleach without constraint for colors and delicate fabrics.
Compatible for all high efficiancy and standard washers, it is an excellent complement for our laundry detergent.


How to use it ?

  • Laundry : Add 2 spoons to your load. For larger loads or tougher stains, double the dose for best results.
  • Soaking : Mix 2 to 4 spoons with 4L of hot water. Soak the item to be cleaned for a few hours, stirring occasionally for faster action. Remove and rinse well with cold water.
  • Pre-treatment : Mix 1 spoon with 500 ml of water. Pour the solution on the stained area. Scrub and leave for about 10 minutes. For laundry, wash as usual with a detergent.
    For all other washable fabrics or surfaces, blot with a white towel, rinse well and let dry.


**For optimal cleaning, simply mix the product with hot water before adding it to the wash, thus increasing the power of its cleaning agent. This process allows you to continue washing your clothes in cold water.


Caution :

  • It is recommended to test on a hidden area of the item to be cleaned.
  • Treat stains while they are still fresh in warm to hot water.
  • Do not mix with liquid laundry detergent or any other bleach or chlorine.
  • Do not use on wool, silk, leather or suede.


Specifications of the product

  • Acts Like a Bleach
  • Gentle on Fabrics and Colours
  • Certified non-toxic for the environment
  • Biodegradable (according to OECD test No. 301D or equivalent)
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Phosphate and NTA free
  • Free of dyes and fomaldehyde


FRAGRANCE :  Sans parfum


FORMAT : 2kg box


INGREDIENTS : Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate


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