AFFRESH Washer Cleaner – 3 Tablets x 40g

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The affresh® washer cleaner penetrates deep into the machine and disintegrates residues better than bleach.
The oxygen cleaning action of the pellet flows even in hard-to-reach places such as tub, hoses and pumps to maintain the performance of your washer. Get rid of odors and residue by simply using a tablet

Did you know that your washer needs a wash itself?

Over time, sticky residues can form in your washer and generate unwanted odors. That’s why each affresh® washer cleaner pad is specially formulated to help remove dirt and residue buildup that can be unsightly and detract from the good performance of your machine. Just put a tablet for a reliable cleaning.


How to use it?

Remove clothing or other items from the washer.
Place an affresh® cleaner tablet directly into the washer and not into the detergent dispenser.
Start a “Clean Washer” program or a normal wash program using a hot water setting.


Recommended use: Once per month


Specifications of the product

  • Eliminates odors caused by excessive use of detergent or the wrong type of detergent
  • Superior efficacy than bleach
  • Safe for septic tanks
  • Penetrates your machine to disintegrate dirt and residue
  • Specially formulated to dissolve gradually throughout the wash program
  • Is designed to clean all models of all brand




FORMAT: Pouch of 3 x 40g tablets


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