SOMAT Dishwasher salt 1,2 kg

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  • Suitable for all dishwashers

  • Removes limescale and prevents deposits

  • Softens the water in your dishwasher

  • Easy to dose thanks to coarse grains and convenient opening

Format 1,2 kg

SOMAT® salt ensures that the water softener worksproperly in the dishwasher, preventing scale deposits on washed dishes. 

It iscomposed of absolutely pure boiled salt, with no flow additives or otherinsoluble substances.

It always flows and is easy to pour into the dishwasher’sdishwasher.

SOMAT® salt is a regeneration salt for use in the water softener ofany household dishwasher.

Open the spout and pour the salt into the watersoftener compartment (on some models).


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