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Finally, discover a complete range of services that takes into consideration the requirements of each person for support before, during and after your purchase of household appliances.

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A team of professionals at your service

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Free to
save money

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Well-thought-out guarantees and protection plans

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Connection and installation of household appliances

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Delivery, shipping and store pickup

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Return and recycling of your old appliances

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Spare parts and
home repair

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Green products and in-store refills

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A team of professionals
at your service

Alex, Julien and Nick welcome you to the store and can tell you all about appliances; they can also assist you by chat. On the technical side, Guillaume, Mathieu, Erick and Pierre are busy repairing appliances that have broken down and refurbishing the used ones collected. As for Fred, he works behind the scenes to develop a better online shopping experience and improve our online presence.


Free to save money

It is possible to save money on your appliances throughout the year.

New unpacked appliances for low prices

What is an unpacked new appliance or open box? These are appliances with damaged packaging or that have been returned unused. They are not used appliances or defective appliances that have been repaired. They are sold at a discounted price and are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer. We’d be foolish to let them go!

Prices for all budgets throughout the year

For those on a tight budget or who are environmentally conscious, consider shopping for refurbished appliances

Every month, a selection of new appliances is on sale.
And what about our “Best Price” selection where you can find appliances at unbeatable prices.

Feel free to compare…

An advantageous return and exchange policy

Not satisfied with your electro after all? ELECTROLIBRE is the only one on the market to offer to return your new or used appliance, up to 30 days after delivery, even if it works well and you have used it.


Well-thought-out guarantees and protection plans

Warranty on new appliances

Each new appliance sold by ELECTROLIBRE is covered for 1 year by the manufacturer’s warranty. You are free to extend or not this protection for 2 or 4 additional years. This extended warranty automatically takes effect when the manufacturer’s legal warranty expires.

At the time of purchase, the team registers the warranty with the manufacturer. If necessary, contact us and we will take care of reporting any problems under warranty and opening the service file. All you have to do is confirm your appointment with the repair center.

You should also know that ELECTROLIBRE triples the manufacturer’s warranty on appliances over $1,000; that is to say that the 2-year extension is offered, which covers them for 3 years instead of 1.

Warranty on used appliances

ELECTROLIBRE’s used appliances have been carefully reconditioned and come with the best possible warranty, the same as the one offered on a new appliance.

It’s a full one-year warranty (parts and labor) enhanced by the addition of a ” lemon-proof ” clause.

Warranty on replacement parts and certain household products

Replacement parts and some of our maintenance products have warranties and return policies. The information can be found on the product sheet.


Connection and installation
of household appliances

You can benefit from the connection and installation of your appliances upon delivery. Easily select the services and accessories you need when ordering online or with our in-store consultants. Please be sure to review the terms and conditions before booking an installation. Our team may not be able to perform the requested service if the location does not meet certain conditions.


Delivery, shipping and store pickup

Home delivery of appliances is free for orders over $349 in Montreal. Deliveries of appliances outside Montreal are temporarily suspended.
Maintenance products and replacement parts are shipped by parcel , free of charge, for orders of 99$ and more, everywhere in Canada.
You can choose to pick up your order directly in store. You will receive an email indicating that your order is ready for pick-up.


Collecting and recycling
of your old appliances

Pick up of your old appliances

The delivery team will pick up your old appliances free of charge and replace them with your new ones.
Remember to unplug and disinfect the appliances that will be removed before the team arrives.

Refurbishment of collected devices

We recondition the appliances we collect from you to give them a second life.

All appliances collected that cannot be recycled by us will be sent to a recycling yard.


Spare parts and home repair

Any self-respecting appliance specialist will offer a range of parts to extend the life of your appliances. ELECTROLIBRE is no exception to the rule. Our advisors can guide you in finding the right spare part or accessory. Remember to have the model number of your appliance.


Your technical knowledge is limited? Our technicians will come to your home to help you.  

Spare parts counter

Looking for a part to repair a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer or dryer?

Home repair

If you need to repair your broken appliance, our technicians will come to your home quickly to help you out. Thanks to an expertise acquired over more than 45 years of existence, ELECTROLIBRE is able to repair and refurbish all types of household appliances.


Green products
and in-store refills

Ecological Household products and in-store refill station

A wide range of eco-friendly products for cleaning the house and doing laundry is available in traditional and bulk formats. Come fill your cans in store and get a 5% discount by bringing your own containers.

Let's recycle together

The Zero Waste Box™ system from Terracycle is now available and free of charge at our store to drop off selected hard-to-recycle or non-recyclable wastes through municipal recycling.

The Zero Waste Box™ system from Terracycle is convenient and easy to use, making it the perfect option to reduce our households, schools and businesses wastes to offset their impacts and lighten their footprint.


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