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How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 In An Eco-responsible Way?

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 in an eco-responsible way?

We’ve just put away our Christmas decorations when the corporate marketing calendar sets up the next big consumer holiday: Valentine’s Day.

Marketers are full of strategies to convince us that the best proof of love for someone is to buy something from them. And let’s be honest, that “something” is just another knick-knack he probably doesn’t need. A certain guilt arises from the obligation to “highlight” the event, even at the last minute, under penalty of being judged as a bad partner.

Although the bulk of purchases today still consist of the traditional cards, chocolates, flowers and jewellery, it has expanded to include everything from plush toys to clothing and even electronics.

Just like the Christmas period, this day of love has a huge environmental impact.
Take long-stemmed roses, for example. This flower, very popular with romantics, travels more than 5,500 kilometers aboard an airplane, then a refrigerated truck, passing through three countries before arriving in Quebec.

Here are 5 ways to show your love in a greener way

With a slam

Write him a slam! The classic revisited poem that can become fun to compose. Here is a reading that might help you.
If you’re not a David Goudreault at heart, you can simply leave handwritten notes for him to find throughout the day.

With local chocolate

If you want to continue with your classics, prioritize a chocolate shop in your neighborhood. Several local chocolate artisans offer you jewelry to taste.

With a walk

A simple walk to a naturally beautiful place can create a magical moment and become the place for the most romantic exchange.

With a playlist

Group together in a file the songs that have marked the course of your couple. Or more simply a playlist that reminds you of your better half.

With a quality moment

Rather than offering material that will be added to those of the last few years, why not offer a theater ticket, a concert, an entrance to the spa or a weekend in the countryside… full of ideas for future moments to live together!

Valentine’s Day may be a holiday of consumption, but you could make sense of it…

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