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Eco-friendly Household Products, Why Not?

Eco-friendly household products, why not?

Did you know that you can do without harsh chemical detergents for the cleanliness of your kitchen, bathroom and whole house? At Electrolibre, we offer various ranges of eco-friendly household products that are just as effective. Learn about the benefits of using green household cleaning products as well as some great products we have available.

The benefits of using eco-friendly household products

Less adverse effects

The first advantage of using eco-friendly products is their manufacturing process, which follows strict rules, particularly in terms of composition and packaging. As a result, they contain a minimum of agents that could harm your health or damage the items you wish to clean.

Some detergents contain, for example, dangerous components such as formaldehyde. This agent can cause skin diseases and irritations. Other elements can tarnish the color of your linens or simply degrade the environment.

Effective cleaning

Contrary to what one would tend to think, eco-friendly household products are just as effective as chemical detergents. Most are composed of essential oils duly selected and tested in laboratory. Thus, their cleaning power is guaranteed, with a natural scent that refreshes your home.

Plus, most of these products are versatile. In other words, a single product can be used to clean your laundry, sanitaryware and floor at the same time.

The various eco-friendly household cleaning products in our catalog

At Electrolibre, we have a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning products. This allows you to have a large selection of items and you’re no longer limited to traditional chemical detergents.

Excelsior, a brand renowned for its ecological products

Among the well-known brands present in our catalog, Excelsior is one of the most appreciated by consumers. This brand, which advocates ecological and non-toxic products, stands out for its high concentration products, one of the highest on the market (about 6 times more than other products in the same category). Moreover, this high concentration also means less use of plastic containers.

A wide range of products

When choosing Excelsior, you have the choice between a whole range of products. There are, among other things, dishwasher or laundry detergents available in bulk. In this format, the brand avoids wasting plastic, which is a strong contribution to environmental protection.

There are also scented and unscented bottled laundry detergents, bulk products, as well as products in refillable bottles to avoid throwing away empty containers. Cleaning products and air fresheners are also available and they can be used on different types of surfaces, including ceramic, stainless steel or glass.

Ecological cleaning products at Electrolibre

At Electrolibre, we strive to offer you the widest possible range of products to meet all your needs. Come and try our eco-friendly and non-toxic products and judge their effectiveness for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


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