VILEDA® Scrunge multi-use scrub sponge

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  • Rippled scrubbing surface breaks up, lifts and repels the toughest dirt and grime

    • Scrunge rinses clean like new with just tap water – no food sticks to its surface so it stays fresh!

      • Certified and recommended for use on Teflon®-based non-stick coatings

      • Ideal for cleaning without scratching

        • Durable and dishwasher safe, Scrunge lasts longer than regular scrub sponges

        FORMAT: 1 x Scrunge multi-use scrub sponge from VILEDA®

        Power through tough dirt and grime without scratching

        The Scrunge rippled surface rinses clean like new and will not clog up with dirt like other sponges.

        More durable than regular scrub sponges*, the Vileda® Scrunge Multi-use scrub sponge boasts a durable surface that breaks up, lifts and repels dirt – and is the only surface certified and recommended for use on Teflon® non-stick coatings on the market.

        Scrunge always rinses clean so no food remains in its surface. In addition to being a great choice to clean pots and pans, glassware and dishes, this absorbent sponge will help you keep other surfaces clean, including counter tops, the sink, appliances and inside the microwave.

        All-in-one scrub sponge cleans the toughest dirt and rinses clean like new! Try it, you’ll see!


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